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Every League of Legends Champion Explained | WIRED
Riot Games' Greg Street and Andrei Van Roon break down every single champion from the game League of Legends. That's right, all 141 of them! From Janna to Sion to Lucien, see what Andrei and Greg have to say about your favorites. Still haven't subscribed to WIRED on YouTube?
It makes me wonder if meddler and ghostcrawler even know what these champions are at a basic level. However, what i find disturbing is how some champions are put in a role as their primary. I mean, {{champion:31}} is a top lane champion, but can do well mid and jungle. Put him in top lane not jungle! The list goes on, of course, but the last thing i need is a wall of text. Speaking of champions in a certain category gone wrong, as a {{champion:161}} main, i find this just too stupid to put that squid in the support role. Vel'Koz's main role is mid, so put him in the mid lane category. Sure he can do fine in support, but still should've put him in mid lane category. "did we think he was going to be popular in support?" Yeah, to those who wanted an easy KS on the enemy bot lane. That's how i think of him when played support by others. Vel'Koz support is like a cute little squid, with an evil twisted mind, planning for world domination using the ADC as a pawn for his schemes. However, Vel'Koz mid is like a darn kraken from start to finish who can go full hentai on the enemy (when played properly of course, and also who the lane opponent is), and end the game with every enemy completely ship wrecked from a kraken attack like in the Pirates of the Caribbean.
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