season 9, this is it

season 9 is off to a great start, greatly increasing what everyone hated about season 8. This game is on the path to a team deathmatch game. Everything that seemed bad in season 8 has been further worsened in season 9 pre. I really hate reading negative threads so i'm going to refrain from the "this is it for me" thread and am instead making this thread in hopes that someone at riot (if anyone even actually works there anymore). The runes have never been balanced adding a major increase in damage from the old rune system while also decreasing the defense of characters. The game -not even slowly- but moving away from who plays better to who has more burst. Granted there is still a possibility of outplay. The only noticeable change I have seen so far that doesnt worsen the game is the tower buffs and they are still weaker than preseason 8 towers. The pacing in this game is abysmal at the moment. We (or at least I) dont play league for a fast match, thats what ARAM is for. In fact i almost completely avoided summoners rift last season because of this. I expect to play a game of chess with my opponents yet i am stuck playing an isometric Call of Duty. I expect this season to be riddled with more cc, gap close, true damage, damage mitigation single champions and i'm not looking forward to it. The game is about who can do the most damage early to snowball way out of control. The new bounty system hahahaha, been a while since i seen a full build pre 25 minutes in a while. and dark harvest making yet another triumphant return. I just am honestly astounded and dont know what they are doing. Its so crazy to me that while upsetting i cant help but laugh while i'm writing this. I just dont know what kind of minds are over there at rito right now. I guess they are trying to make people less upset about the player base and more upset with the game hahaha. It's so sad what is happening to this game and i can only imagine a coupe seasons left if this is the direction they are heading. Every season seems to focus on shorter games instead of improving upon actual game mechanics. It's sad because i love this game and unfortunately i can only meet lol with a lol. merry christmas and happy holidays. I hope to see improvement and if not i hope another moba will come along to return to the genre a preseason 7 league to its roster. fixing things that arent broken is seasons into the making of what league is now :' (
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