Help with settings and playing this game

As of this week (or before) I have not been able to adjust my hands or arms to playing resulting in bit stiff movement of my hands and fingers (not exactly a game thing but some advice would be nice since this has been affecting my ability to dodge skill shots as well as not being able to predict them easily. I have also had trouble with the custom sensitivity settings because its either too fast, or too slow to reliably move the cursor and camera, which really doesn't help when I feel sluggish for some reason. Next I cant seem to do anything in a hard match up instead of feed, starve under my tower, or back repeatedly missing a large amount of gold and experience, roaming usually results in the mid tower being destroyed or damaged and I don't like having to lose automatically every time these are my lane opponents {{champion:157}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:101}}. Additionally, I want to know when/where I should be checking the map (because when I do I miss cs or take damage from the enemy laner.) warding depending on matchups of course. Please do not say anything about me not being very good at this game or playing improperly, why would I come here with these issues if I was a high elo player? I don't even play ranked much at all. I play these champions in mid: {{champion:50}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:136}}

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