revert malzahar (and aurelion sol) I

Imo malzahar need a revert or buffs. early game pre 6lv is awful. even after 6. malzahar cant all in 100-0 no one. this dude dont have dmg. Pre rework a lot of matchup's that were in favor for malz. now are he is in disadvantaged. All those shitasu and zedos.. malza just delete them from the game. and now? he cant do shit. Plz riot revert him. malza dont need spell shild, dont need usless W that 90% of other champs can kill with 1 aoe spell. and the worst thing is how E works now. all dmg is guted and give instead a refresh every time he Q or R. to get full potential of E you need to be 8 sec in combat... 8 dot. what a great idea. and you need Rylai's Crystal Scepter always otherwise your voidlings will never catchup with enemy champion. Right now he is just a ult bot that need ally kill target.. ANd big thanks for rework ASol. what a great work....
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