My only issue with Sylas

The point and click on his ult is the only thing I really dislike about Sylas. I don't mean that he should not be able to steal an ult, I think stealing an ultimate is a cool and strategic, and game-changing ability to have. However I think a player should be able to prevent their ultimate from being stolen, or a Sylas has to be decent at landing long range skillshots. I know too much counterplay or too many nerfs would make Sylas weak, and I know that {{champion:25}} {{champion:15}} and {{champion:114}} can use their abilities, and {{item:3102}} exists. But other than those, what other options exist to keep Sylas from taking your ultimate? I began to feel this way after a Sylas jungle payed a visit to mid lane when I was playing {{champion:45}}, but since I was under my tower protected by minions all he did was take my ult and stupidly walk down to bot lane. I pinged that he was coming but he still ended up killing the support and adc. ._.

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