Being flamed by High Elo players because of rank.

I'm tired of this BS MMR in normals. Every single game now at least half of the players are gold and sometimes there's even plat or diamond players recently. (I'm Silver 4). Last game 4 people on the enemy team were gold and at the end of the game flamed me for being shit saying 'Git gud', 'You're shit', 'Uninstall'. Why tf should I have to deal with this shit? I'm Silver 4, put me in games with silvers or high bronze. I don't care if my queue time is 9 minutes instead of 4. What's the point of waiting 4 minutes to have an extremely un fun game with high elo team mates flaming me for being bad and enemies trash talking me. Then after the game I get laughed at for being silver 4? Why am i not allowed to just enjoy the game?
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