There are just way to many overloaded champs.

{{champion:245}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} Playing against them isnt fun. Playing as them is braindead. If they get a lead kiss the game good bye. Sure each one of them has their own skill floor but they are overloaded. Ryze is dueling with only mana items. Yas is 1v3 with just beserk greaves. Ekko is to safe with r and has a damaging passive garuanteed with e. Kha gets going he is one shotting everyone Kayn I will say depends on the player but jeez to die in less than sec to blue kayn from an ability and auto not even an ult. Zed can half health too safely with shadows and shuriken. Then after duskblade just all ins. riven getting 45% cdr. and just smashing the keyboard. Leblanc's stun has to much range its almost impossible to flash out of at times. Rengar can end a game if he gets a few early kills flying around out of bushes. Lee sin got the world's buff and yet again is just doing to much damage. rengar and khas auto abilites cant even be flashed. ( I get they hit the ability but you flash and die where you landed not where you hit f) You can hit f but you die where you land cause it still procd. Just a few of the ones i can think of. Maybe its not the champs maybe it is just runes or it is just the itemization but they impose to much pressure on the enemy just because of who they are. They have to much agency over a game for just being that champion. While bad players will be bad players and the champ sucks. All of the overloaded abilites on these champs in my opinion lower the skill it actually takes to play them. At this point if you can not beat them join them.
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