RIOT ADC's needs gutting not MAGES

Everyone noticed the botlane and jungle dominates the game and there is no longer solo carry potential. Both Top and Mid feels shit. **Riot you acknowledged that ADC's are way too strong and promised to fix them by mid season**. Instead we get what? You gut mages even more? You balance team is incompetent shame on them. Even if you remove my post many of us costumers are very unsatisfied. You can say goodbye for any RP purchasing until you fix your shit. Edit 1 : The only reason I play this game is because my friends wants me to play with them and I got like 1 % hope that riot will fix its game, it used to be really fun. I stopped tryharding a year ago. I play 20 % of what I used to play or even less. So many of you attack my opinion just because I'm silver. (this season only). I was platinum in season 5 and 6. Get a better argument since you got nothing.
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