Disappointed by Alistar update

Let me preface by saying that his texture rework is fantastic (although Black Alistar's hair color is wrong). Now that that's out of the way, I'm disappointed by the lack of more slick looking animations added to his character and the lack of any addressing of his AP ratios and his heal ability. His heal is pitiful and is only good late game if you have Ardent Censer on him. Why wasn't there a discussion thread for Alistar before this update went live? If there was, I sure didn't see any thread like I saw the threads for Skarner and pals (although we all remember how 'positively' the Skarner thread and feedback was received, right?). Even a simple change like letting Alistar use his heal while moving would have been awesome. It would have fit his theme of a rampaging minotaur, trampling along his path and letting out a war cry of sorts without stopping to do so. I've used Alistar A LOT since I started playing League of Legends and he has been one of my most anticipated updates, and for the lack of discussion between Riot and the people who like him (or could start to like him) I just feel really disappointed. Tristana gets all new everything while Alistar gets a texture update (which they all do in these updates), a new run cycle (I think) and a few trample animations. Isn't it agreed by basically everyone that uses Alistar that his passive is garbage? It's mildly cute in laning phase but that's about where any use out of it ends. I'm well aware this his heal and his passive are meant to make him an aggressive lane pusher, but a lot of AP supports can shove lanes without their passive doing it for them (looking at you Lulu and Morgana). In late game though his passive and heal dwindle in to complete obscurity unless he has Ardent Censer. And if you try and build Alistar as an AP Tank he can do 'okay' but he's better off being build as a full tank since his damage output is mediocre. When I go full AP Alistar, it's not his passive that scores much damage on anything. I guess I'm in that group of people who think that a champion's abilities should have uses throughout all stages of the game, not just the beginning. And Alistar's AP ratios shouldn't be outrageously high for his Q and W or his E, but I was hoping they would have given his E some kind of unique effect, or give his trample a unique effect. Maybe restore some of his mana on (any) kill with his passive? Just throwing SOME sort of idea out there. Also, how come Singed and Alistar didn't get a new recall animation? Aren't recall animations supposed to be standard on champions now? Was hoping they would use that 'dance' that matadors use to add to Alistar's existing dance too.... ah well. Sorry for this rant everyone, but after waiting for years for an Alistar update, and to see the "FANCY SHMANCY TRISTANA UPDATE YAAAY!" with the Alistar texture update and walk/trample animations--I feel more than a little let down. I feel even more let down than when I saw Singed's update.

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