"Yi is a low elo noob stomper"

No he isn't. The bs {{item:3124}} {{item:1419}} Conqueror combo needs to be nerfed, shouldn't die from 800+ true damage from a right-click garbage shit who takes no skill to use. Right-click mechanic should be fucking removed from this game, you shouldn't deal non-stop damage with no ressource, having skills and items to enhance this right click garbage, and now dealing true damage making armor useless. Amazing job rito. "bUt jUsT cC hiM oR dEsTrOy hIm eArLy gAmE" First : CC counters EVERY champion in this game, and all of them have another counter outside of CC's. Secondly : Try to invade him once he's level 6, just afk farming. He just presses R and goes away and no chance to catch him. It's either you die or you can't reach him. Note : I'm not crying because I got destroyed by a {{champion:11}}, in fact I destroyed him in this game. My fucking issue is that it doesn't matter how far behind you get him, he always can 1v2 or even 1v3 once he gets {{item:3124}} {{item:1419}} and a tank item. And from a "feast or famine" champion, it should never happen.
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