How is this +/- LP system in diamond working as intended for riot ?

I'm still unranked on my acc because of this shit. Thank god I didn't start playing ranked before and get stuck in d4. I'm watching MidBeast and he has an 80% win rate in d4 and playing against d2's-d3's and he still gets +20/-15 LP, **with a fucking 80% win rate.** Last 2-3 seasons I got to d4 with a 60%-65% win rate and thought that was pretty good, but I'm reading all over the place, people in d4 with a 60& win rate getting +15/-20................. why the actual fuck would I wanna start playing ranked ? So I can get tilted out of this earth for not being able to climb despite winning 60% of games ? What is this shit ? And the best part is riot is not saying anything about it, so for them, that's ok. I just can't handle this shit from riot anymore.
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