When are you going to fix Lulu perma shielding Riot?

Max Lulu E with 45% CDR Duration: 6 Seconds Cooldown: 5.5 Seconds There has been a 0.5 second gap between Lulu perma shielding ever since 45% CDR was introduced back almost three years ago, don't believe me? Here's a Reddit thread from October, 2015. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3qpdxd/the_impact_on_45_cdr_on_every_champions/ Scroll down to Lulu and you'll see it's been like this for almost three years now! **Three years!** When are you going to address this absurdity? I mean I play Lulu avidly but this is just beyond ridiculous that I can be **literally** perma shielding whoever I want when I get 45% CDR which isn't hard because of how over capped CDR is anyways. But the fact we're pushing nearly three years and this hasn't been addressed since 45% CDR hit live just blows my mind now.
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