So, Hunters potion got removed today and I hate it. Almost rage quit my game today when i found out mid game. If you also want hunters potion back please make this a big thread and post a reply and give it attention! I love hunters potion, Almost every game it is saving my ass with that last few points of mana i need to use a skill or the amount of times i got away from ignite because of the potion, or won a fight with 100 or less hp because of that potion, or how many times i'd jungle, get a potion stack and between smite/ lifesteal and potion be back in fighting shape to save the day! And when i read the patch notes for why it got deleted? > "Hunter's Potion is an underpowered and seldom-picked option for players. We're removing it from the game as we don't feel it’s necessary in the current jungle." Removed because it was seldom picked. WELL IN LOW ELO IT IS PICKED ALL THE TIME! Seems like another decision made because of how items are used at high elo of play but us guys at the bottom like to be catered too as well. So put it back, now! Pretty please! Consider me and my wallet on strike till you put it back, no more purchases without a hunters potion!

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