Ancient Coin- Underrated Non-Support Starting Option?

So I posted a thread here earlier about how I was trying some cheese strats with Teemo by getting an Ancient Coin money set up in a solo lane and usig Camouflague to get a bunch of easy gold when the lane opponent would otherwise deny me a ton of farm (which went smoothly I must say). Through the gold advantage I otherwise wouldn't have, I sometimes made some of the not as bad but still bad matchups be able to get to a point to where I could farm normally and at that point I realized, even when not a Support, how good Talisman of Ascension and the Ancient Coin line are for passive/against the odds lanes. Normally, these lanes would be losing ALL of the farm they would be denied, but now they are only missing about 55% of the gold they would be missing and getting some health back as well. You can even upgrade it further, especially if you plan to split push, for Talisman's really amazing Active and the Point Runner passive for much added mobility to your character. If you are manaless, you probably shouldn't buy this line of items, but this is worth looking into in my eyes, especially since the stats provided by Ancient Coin are at least decent in a Solo Lane now (+25% Mana Regen., **5% Cool Down Reduction**).
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