"statistically if matchmaking is working really well, you’re going to lose about half of your games"

From Maple Nectar and Ghostcrawler in the last Ask Riot, "BATTLE ROYALE AND BOT LANE". ------------------------------------------ As I agree looking for games that have a 50/50 chance of win is a good matchmaking, losing and winning half of your game **DOESNT **mean the matchmaking system is good. It means if you have won your past 5 games, you're more likely to have games that tend to be 45/55 in favor of your opponent, which lead to drastically **UNFUN** and **UNFAIR **games. **50% winrate statistically speaking isn't what you should be looking for. ** What we need is to have players of **EQUAL SKILL LEVEL** in each team to be the closest possible of **FAIR** and **FUN** matches, with a permanent focus on having 50/50 chance of winning for either team.
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