Boosting and smurfing in ranked needs to be stopped

Legit just ran into the ultimate duo today in silver. A Kindred with a 90% win rate in silver 3. Fizz who legit let himself get aa'd to death and walked into every skill shot being boosted by Kindred duo'd. Kindred was probably a plat-diamond level player. Fizz was the worst mid laner I have ever seen and the fact that neither gets punished for it is the biggest joke because I have to deal with some dick who is probably being paid to boost this man who probably doesn't even deserve to be silver because it takes a special kind of stupid to walk into everything and get basically farmed the whole game. Kindred on the other hand only focused me because I had the highest recent win rate on my team and the entire enemy team only went for me because she was targeting me as a booster she knew that as long as I was dead her team would probably win because I was the only one winning lane. How can I tell? At level 7 bot lane and jungle all came to mid lane and blew every ult to kill me while I was sitting under tower. Unless smurfing and boosting is dealt with the ranked experience in low to mid elo will always be a joke. I don't care if Fizz winds up somewhere he shouldn't be then decays back down. My game was ruined by the experience and I don't even have a way to get compensation or some kind of retribution because the rules allow this to happen. How to stop it: force 2 factor authentication on ranked. Then they have a cost to actually getting banned and making multiple accounts and allows you to ban them. I'm fine with alternates that people climb with, but boosting and smurfing is really toxic.
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