Champion Select updates.

How about instead of 10 bans lengthening champion select, in Solo/Duo Q. How about an alternative? I came up with this idea; instead of more bans how about FREE FAIR BANS? System is IDENTICAL to current system except; * Every champion that has a -46.5% Winrate is automatically banned. (Based on MAIN ROLE ie Lux Support doesn't count towards banning Lux) Note; According to Champion.GG this bans 10 Champions RN; {{champion:13}}, {{champion:266}}, {{champion:7}}, {{champion:268}}, {{champion:110}}, {{champion:127}}, {{champion:150}}, {{champion:57}}, {{champion:31}}, {{champion:6}} * Every champion that has a +53.5% Winrate is automatically banned. (Based on MAIN ROLE ie Sions fair, because he is rarely support) Note; According to Champion.GG this bans 10 Champions RN; {{champion:427}}, {{champion:96}}, {{champion:35}}, {{champion:29}}, {{champion:34}}, {{champion:10}}, {{champion:1}}, {{champion:80}}, and {{champion:103}} * Prevents player from First timing a champion in game. (To prevent from interfering with Swapping, you instead can choose to swap place in champion select with someone doesn't give them your ban though if you were a banner) Must have 1 Singular game on record in a PvP mode (NOT Co-Op vs AI) * Prevents teammates from banning a teammates' champions if highlighted. * After 30 Games with a champion a player is prevented from picking a champion unless they have at least a 40% winrate with them. (Flex Q stats adjust this, so practice in Flex Q to raise win rate if needed) * Reports can be made in champion select, and if the entire team(4/4) agrees to it, that player is forcibly dodged Note; Dodge penalties and all, BUT if the player is determined to not have done anything report/punishment worthy his LP is refunded, and the false reporters all lose LP instead -3 or 10 each * "Tertiary picks" Players pick 2 roles, they will get these 2 roles in any game they are not autofilled. But they can pick their order of preference for the final 3 roles anyway. Optionally; allow players to pick 3 roles, then have 2 autofill only roles. Quick notes on some of the things again; The "Auto Bans" are available IN CLIENT, you are directly warned if you have Mastery 5+ on a champion that is auto banned, and they are based on winrates in either PLAT+( esque) or in YOUR ELO. Not sure which is better yet. They are removed if a champions winrate drops (In Flex Q) OR if they are Balanced IE; if Riot ever buffs an underpowered champion (or nerfs an OP champion) they are removed from autobans for 3 days to see if they are within the balance spectrum if not, they go back on autobanned. PROS; 1) 20 Free/Auto bans at no time cost to anyone. 2) Game is far more balanced by Auto Bans preventing greatly unbalanced things through. (Remember Season 6 if Ekko was banned by accident?) 3) Encourages Riot to actually balance champions. (See Pantheon who had a 53+% winrate all of season 6) 4) No First time Riven/Yasuo/Zed/Vayne on your team. 5) No troll 10% winrate Riven/Yasuo/Zed/Vayne on your team. 6) No troll in champion select saying they "accidentally" picked mid, when they're support. They can be reported and forced right out of the game. 7) No abusing PRO #6; You will be penalized for it if you do. 8) Autofill doesn't mean support 100% of the time. 9) Your team cannot ban you out in case you're a One Trick or a Hard Core Main. 10) May lower Queue times with Tertiary picks system. CONS; 1) One Tricks may be screwed over by the Auto Bans if their champion becomes OP. 2) No Freelo from OP picks? (due to being autobanned) TLDR; ~26 Champions would be banned each game, 20 in order to preserve statistical balance, 6 by the players in game inorder for them to strategically ban whether they want to ban say; Something that counters them (IE A tank main banning Fiora) or Something that annoys them (IE banning Yasuo, Zed, ECT) ALSO Autofill is upgraded to be slightly less annoying and more effective, while causing to be less like to be "AutoLoss" as the community calls it. Finally, you can report in champion select, and IFF the whole team (4/4) agrees and does the same, you may forcably dodge your 5th teammate. (Penalties apply, also built in anti-abuse system)

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