Garen's Villain Mechanic doesn't really feel like it fits Garen's version of Demacia...

It makes him feel more like an _**Avenger**_. _**The literal fact that I have to let an Ally die just so that I can do my job "truly" better is bullshit.**_ * Garen _**ALWAYS**_ gives his all. So why is it for his gameplay that _**AFTER** a comrade dies_ does Garen decide to finally give out his "true" potential? * Garen is a leader of the Vanguard. So why is it the Villain mechanic _**ENCOURAGING**_ me to feel so narrow-minded and focused on one (or zero) Villain(s)? * Garen is a man that brings justice. So why is it that the _**GAME**_ forces the villain on me, when _**I, the PLAYER**_, have a better idea on who the _**VILLAIN TRULY IS?**_ * Why is the term "Villain" "_**TRULY**_" limited to the killer? Because sometimes that's _**JUST NOT THE CASE**_... I have always believed the Juggernaut update harmed Garen's overall "True Theme" and character while balancing out his overall Gameplay ("eventually..."). I feel the very removal of the Villain Mechanic will balance out Garen's Character and his theme as a man of justice, because _**Avenging your comrades is not really justice**_. Real Justice is to Unify your comrades, Protect them with your Strength, and have the Courage to face the ACTUAL Villains responsible standing against Demacia upon the Fields of Justice!
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