Top Five Champions That Need Nerfs and Boosts? (The Ones I Find Annoying)

I feel like there are still a few champions that need to be nerfed and boosted in my opinion. Yasuo hasn't gotten nerfed for a while, but League gave him a little boost. Why do I think that he needs to be boosted? This may not seem like a big deal to you, and you may disagree with me right now, but listen. People can slay him easier than they did before. Well, in ranked or draft, they focus on banning Teemo and Urgot... I'll talk about those two later. But Yasuo... he doesn't really have a place to stand now that he got that giant nerf that everybody was begging for. Master Yi is better than Yasuo now, in my opinion, because Yasuo's Windwall is like Master Yi's Meditate. Master Yi, after Yasuo's big nerf, now people are locking him in over Yasuo... and to me, it feels kind of relieving, but I still know that Yasuo should be boosted a little bit, just to get him back on track, just like they did to Vayne. They boosted her a little bit so that she could actually function! People say that Vayne is still OP. But, to be honest, it's how they build. Vayne can go straight damage and still do well. You could add a little bit of lifesteal, and that's what gets her OP. That may be for other champions as well. But, it's because if you look at her stats, the damage the highest. And now, the champion that is small but powerful... TEEMO! Teemo definitely needs a nerf. Everyone's been saying that. And, I agree. That little dude, after getting about three kills, he just becomes OP! His Shrooms last too long, in my opinion, but that can easily be countered with a Sight Ward **Shoutout time: (thank you, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH , for that help)**. But, what really gets everyone mad is that he has a blind! And, his ultimate does damage WHILE Teemo could be hitting you AND blinding you, which is utterly ridiculous! They should at LEAST make his blinding shots have a 10 second cooldown instead of 8 seconds. But, he could keep building attack speed or cooldown, and his ultimate is only, like, thirty seconds! So I don't really know. Now, we're talking about Urgot! Urgot is really overpowering now that he got his rework. Just like the Warwick rework, he was OP when he got the rework, but then they nerfed him a bit, so now he's better. But his ultimate, if you're hit by his ultimate and your health is low, it does even MORE damage, which is awesome for the Urgot, but it makes the other players mad! Plus, these creepy chains crawl up your screen now, if you got slayed by him! So, I think that we're waiting for his nerf. Riot will probably tend to that. Lux is also OP as well. If you give her, like, five hundred ability power, her ultimate does about a thousand damage! That's crazy! It takes others about six hundred, which means that Lux can farm on other champions and INCREASE the ability power, and then that's why she becomes OP. They should raise her cooldown up ten seconds on her Ultimate, or even nerf the Ultimate a little! Lastly, I feel like Udyr needs a tiny nerf. He is balanced, but the speed that he gets from his passive stacks three times! That's what he needs a bit of a nerf on. (And, no, the thing about Vayne was not part of the Nerf/Boost thing. She's kinda OP but she doesn't need a nerf or boost. Neither does Master Yi, I believe.) But, anyways, you can comment on which champions that YOU find annoying, and I will gladly read your comment. By the way, I will respond to your comments in 1-3 days. Or even in an hour, minute, or a half hour! Thank you for reading, and have a nice day! :)
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