@Riot A few Questions myself about next Pre-Season

I've got a few questions about what's gonna happen during the next Pre-Season so here I go: 1. How is the jungle going to be tuned now that Smite rewards are gone? Will it be slightly easier to clear? will there be more lesser creatures to kill to take care of that? (like when we saw a total of 5 birds in raptor camp) 2. With Rylai's soon to be nerfed in one of either MANY apparent directions, will mages be able to get a new item that'll at least fill the 100 AP item slot that it's leaving behind? (I think MM and I both vote for Pox Arcana and/or Netherstride Grimoire from BMB lol) 3. I keep hearing that Masteries are the next thing to be discussed next week, after the discussion about the jungle/Plants have subsided. While I can wait till then to hear **Specific** masteries, I was wondering if any new ones will help out mages :P (Hey, I gotta look out for my karthus man!) And One Question pertaining to something not really related to Pre-Season, but I figured what the heck lol :P BONUS: When it comes to champs with "After-Death" Passives, Both Kalista and Ryze can basically do the same stuff with their ults (As far as I know), but one weird bit is that while Kalista can Ult Karthus while he's in his passive, Ryze Can't. Doesn't it feel like a bit of inconsistency here?
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