Getting real tired of the 4 man tower dives bot lane.

The lane is bad enough but getting pushed in and tower dove over and over is getting real old since the tower does absolutely nothing, falls down like paper, and forces you to basically just sit and wait or pray your mid/top/jg is better and is the one doing it. Thats basically how you can tell from the start which team is going to win any game. Do the jg and/or mid/top dive bot tower? They do? You more than likely win the game. The lane is frustrating enough being glued to someone else then having to deal with getting dove and murdered all the time. You feel helpless enough for 20 minutes being a support stuck with an ADC, or an ADC who requires 30 minutes to be relevant, than to also basically be a free kill buffet for any other lanes that are snowballing. God forbid you start winning your lane; it won't matter because you just gonna get dove if the other lanes are losing. The roles feel hopeless enough for most of the game to also feel like nothing you do in lane matters because all that matters is how many people will show up to dive and you pray its your team doing it. I mean you already see it in pro play every game, and now its starting to work its way into even low elo.
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