tryndamere rewards the most passive unfun playstyle ever

he's not op, he's not broken but he's incredibly fucking stupid and annyoing. why does such a badass character on paper have to have one of the most cowardly, un-intuitive playstyles in the game? ill do you two scenarios for tryndamere is tryndamere losing lane hard? lol{{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} + lv 6, and he no longer loses unless there's some serious outplaying going on. worst case for him is he has to e away and pop ult. also prepare for him to NEVER leave lane because he literally doesn't have to unless he wants to spend gold. in tryndamere winning lane hard? lol{{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} and then he does one of two things. roams and murders everything because he has a sneaky 75% crit chance, or you guessed it, sit in top and split push all day with zero risk until he or his team ends the game. again, i don't think tryndamere is op. i just think its bullshit that he literally can splitpush all day with almost 0 consequences even when he gets stomped in lane. when is he up for a rework, meddler? make him an actual champion who requires some thought. not "oh i got 3 aa's in lane off first i win all trade" or "i just got shit stomped in lane, better take 3 fucking towers and then r+e away" why is a BESERKER WHO DOESN'T AFRAID OF ANYTHING HAVE A PLAYSTYLE SO DEEPLY ROOTED IN RUNNING AWAY LIKE HE DOES AFRAID OF EVERYTHING
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