Reav3 on retiring champions... interesting.

-Retiring a champion is not something we have ever considered, and likely we never would consider this. We would much rather go back and update our older problematic champions with either small reworks or through big VGUs. Retiring a champion would set a weird precedence where players would always be worried that the things they invested in would be taken away from them at some point, which isn’t something we want our players to worry about. REAV3 Lead Producer of Champions But didn't you guys already retire Galio? Changing 4 out of 5 abilities? -Brand new passive that functions nothing like the old one. -Brand new skillshot that functions nothing like the old 2. -A weak version of his R on his W that had half of the effects. -A brand new E. -A brand new R. -scaling instead of conversion? -completly different build pathes? Visually he has a completely different looks that doesnt resemble the old one other than being stone and his jaw. Completely different personality? Cmon dont pretend you dont retire champions.
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