Please make games longer again.

Stop this dream of having 20-35 min games. Just Stop. This season you tried many iterations: no earlygame, no midgame, no lategame, really short everything,.. all of them sucked. League isnt a fast paced hot action shooter. Its a stratigic game with 3 distinct 10-15 minute phases making it a 30-45 min game. Trying to change this, is trying to change the core of the game itself. It just doesnt work because its not what league is. If you want shorter games take ARAM, rotationmode games or create a new mode/game but please stop trying to make league into something it isnt. This 20 min shit isnt what we came here for, isnt why we loved the game. A lot of my duoqparters/friends have quit this season saying you have made your decision and 45 min league wont be comming back and to be honest im starting to lose hope too and keep finding less and less reasons to come back...

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