People over prioritize/over value sightstone

Let me start this off by saying I'm a Diamond support main on 2 accounts and have multiple accounts in high plat. People always pressure me into rushing sightstone, especially in lower ELO when smurfing and it gets quite annoying. They want it completed right after {{item:3098}} {{item:3302}} all the time regardless of situation, but I feel this is also why a lot of people lose lane to me. They rush a 800g item and they don't even know why or how to use it, meanwhile I am either rushing {{item:3151}} on {{champion:161}} {{champion:63}} or a {{item:3107}} on {{champion:40}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:16}} or {{item:3070}} {{item:3165}} on {{champion:26}} (if going AP) Do I feel a sightstone rush is needed sometimes? Yes, unquestionably when you are in a game where you know/are being 3-5 man ganked over and over and over again. BUT, in a game where you have complete lane control, you can easily take advantage of {{item:2055}} to make up for your lack of sightstone wards while also pushing your advantage with a strong item before finishing your sightstone giving you the edge. This especially works in low ELO where tower dives/5man TP ganks are way less common and done horribly anyway. You are in a lane with 2 people, so you'll have plenty of free wards (along with {{item:2055}} that you and your ADC should be buying) as long as they aren't being swept by the enemy support/jungler. Once you see this action of constant ward clearing, this is 100% the time you need to rush a sightstone because you are going to be the target for ganks now if not and the jungler will be coming to gank and will clear your {{item:2055}} leaving you blind. But a lot of times you can 2v3 simply because of power level due to your complete lane dominance. **Am I saying sightstone rush is wrong? No**, if it works for you then do it but don't blindly buy it every game first item and then question why you lost lane. If all you are doing with sightstone is warding your lane, you aren't even using it properly anyway, you should be warding the enemy jungle to see the ganks coming a mile away. I am prepared to be downvoted into the depths of Hell, but I always sit at 60% winrates in high plat/diamond, 70% win rates when in low plat or below and I always feel a bit sorry for the enemy support who rushed a sightstone completely gimping his lane power in lane just because he thinks he 100% has to rush that item every single game while I crush him and his ADC into the ground.
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