Soooo when is Galio champion spotlight and lore going to be updated?

Galio is not an anti mage battle mage solo laner anymore since 8 patch now and riot doesnt seem to give a single thing about it so how about you update the champion spotlight and rework completely and just say galio is a tank support anti adc champion now ? You dont have to give Galio 5 million damage for him to be viable mid lane again you know right? You can up his base stats so he fights mages better you can up his wave clear so he doesnt spend 120 mana for an ability that cant even clear back wave wtf?? You can reduce his cooldowns so he doesnt just sit there and lose trades in meele range with orianna ?? You make make his passive stronger so its actually worth to reset it properly in a duel? You can reduce his ULT range at lv1 so its not obnoxious in the mid lane then up his stats wave clear and cooldowns to suit better mid lane. Or what you can do is say Screw this, we let him be a obnovious LCS support now whos useless litterally anywhere in any other elo thats not LCS while having a champion spotlight that litterally asks u to INT with galio top or mid in his current state and have a lore that makes absolutely 0 sense for the gameplay you put him in? Up to u. Imagine having a 45% winrate and only being played by mains.
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