Here is a list of Champs that are in severe need of nerfs if you want game health to improve

{{champion:84}} Now before her rework, she was pretty much a stat check, now she's even worse IMO. She's still a stat checker, but now she does it under your turret while you can do sweet fk all about it cause for some reason **Riot **thought it was a good idea to give a champ with free healing, massive at that, a stun, and an execute ult even more counter-play by making her literally un target-able while she just "outplays" you. Remove invisibility on shroud while under turrets, no one likes getting tower dove and being able to do nothing about it. {{champion:104}} This guy gets a god damn Stormrazor and Phantom Dancer and all of a sudden he's one shotting you with 1 auto attack, and IF for some reason you do get a shit load of armor and are able to bear with 2-3 auto attacks, guess what? YOU STILL CAN'T do anything agains't him cause he get's free armor and on top of that just to make sure if you manage to actually be able to kill him with auto attacks, he'll use his smoke screen to assure you that you won't be able to do ANYTHING against him. FYI Just revert Graves Rework, old Graves was SO much more tolerable than this current abomination version. {{champion:121}} I'm actually puzzled about this guy, he ALWAYS seems to get fed, and not to mention the fact he can bush hop from China to Africa and you don't even notice, then he ults and kills you BEFORE he even comes out of stealth cause his rotation is just so god damn fast. Even if you aren't isolated he does a garbage load of damage to you. His passive damage and Q damage need a major tone down cause it just synergizes too well with each other, and all that on top of dusk blade. {{champion:39}} What can possibly go wrong with Irelia's rework? Well first of all "cough" more 3 hit passives, Q resets out of the ass, and on top of that giving her true damage off of a keystone that should have never even been made in the first place. The biggest problem I have with current Irelia is it fixes none of the problems old Irelia had and just made them WORSE, Her Q does more damage and heals more than old Hiten Style ever did. Her W does quite a shitload of damage while also reducing damage and giving her a free q reset, and her ultimate is such a cheese ability, cause if you fight in it you die, and if you leave it you die, where is the counterplay in that? I think we can all agree this Irelia rework has been one monumental massive failure! Idk if a revert would be better or not, but I do know I'll take old Irelia over this current one any day. That pretty much sums it up, I could add champs like {{champion:24}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:142}} But I find them tolerable if you know how their kits work to a certain extent. These other champs I mentioned, it doesn't matter if you know their kits or not, Kha and Akali delete you from stealth before you can even try to do anything, and Irelia can just 1v5 your whole damn team cause she's tanky as a freaking pitbull and does as much damage as a ravenous chihuahua... And Graves, well I just don't like someone walking up to me right clicking and deleting my entire health bar in 1 shot cause he has crit.
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