Nexus Blitz Blessing of Caitlyn

I'm sorry, but this is bullshit. I used to love this mode, but I can't do it anymore. This is completely unfair and arguably an auto-win for whoever receives it because of the frequency of siege minion spawn by default. So, for those of you who don't know or haven't experienced this assetry, Blessing of Caitlyn gives other team's siege minions and towers Caitlyn ults for the rest of the game. I'm fine playing against Caitlyn coz that's one ult on a CD. But this is a caitlyn ult once every 20 seconds or so. And there isn't any sort of reduced damage. It's a full on caitlyn ult doing 500 at lvl 8. Yes. 500 at lvl 8. From every siege minion that spawns and towers. I think it's once per siege minion and possibly once per tower, but I couldn't tell about towers (if it's based on a cooldown) because we had to deal with so many caitlyn ults coming in that we couldn't push enough to see, given that the game ended less than 4 minutes after they won that event. Suggestions: - Remove this buff. It's a game ender for the team that has to face it. - Make it only last for 90s. - Make it only on towers and they can only use it once until they're destroyed. I'm more for removing this entirely. I have played games with and against this buff, and both games there was a HUGE turning point after we either received this for our team or lost it to the other team. The game didn't last long afterwards. I can't play this mode anymore if this buff continues to exist and is given as frequently as it is (Last 5 games it has appeared 3 times). It's disgusting to play against and feels cheap af to have on my team and just eliminate any poor sob who is targeted by it, or just see their tank lose half their health before a fight even starts.
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