Please remove MMR from the Ranked Ladder.

MMR is in place to help match players against other players of equal skill. In essence, that is the complete opposite of a competitive environment. The Ranked Ladder should be based on Win/Loss alone. Right now, if you have a high MMR the system tries to balance you our with players of lower MMR on your team, essentially giving you crappier players. If you have low MMR the system tries to balance you out with higher MMR players so you can get carried up the ladder?! This basically just flip-flops back and forth keeping you at a median win/loss ratio. What the fuck is this?! "But then the LCS guys will just 5 man to the top of the ladder!" Should they really be allowed to play in the PUBLIC Ranked Ladder after joining an LCS team? No, limit them to custom games and normal play. They're already getting paid to play and practice, why are they clogging up the public ladder where us mere peons are attempting to hone our skills to get to a paid-to-play level?Hell, they already "scrim" against each other (what the fuck is this anyways? Why are they playing games vs each other prior to the actual competitive showing?! --- Seems so illogical and counter strategic.) Open up the fucking doors so that the eSports League can grow exponentially. You don't see MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL players actively playing in the "minor leagues" unless they've been cut from the team or sent down to that level to practice. They don't play at both levels at the same time. Create some separation. "But what about the ones that stream to make money on the side?!" They will still stream Normal games. You will still watch them to learn some tips/tricks. While you're at it, remove Promotion Series from Gold 4 to Gold 3, etc. It's fine where it is from Gold to Plat, Plat to Diamond, etc. Got some arguments for or against this? Let's hear it. Don't be scared to show yourself as a down voter. I welcome all opinions.
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