Been playing ARURF on the PBE a lot lately..and I have to say GJ Riot

You fixed so many issues with the game mode. Like how everyone complained about heals AND shields being too strong in the first one so you nerfed heals but left shields alone. Karma's running around with full hp bars worth of shields that almost never go down. You did great with that Oh and the randomized picks? Awesome work, RNG is always welcome in a skill based game. I see why you love TFT SOOO much. Instead of picking who I want to have FUN in the game I get to be forced into rerolling and picking the most competitive pick i'm able to get because I have no idea what i'm up against and no free will to pick so i'm stuck with the games ideals of fun instead of my own. I mean why be happy you lost playing something busted like fizz or zed when I can be unhappy I won in 10 minutes with fizz or zed against champs with no mobility or cc to stop me from rampaging forcing them to FF at the 10 minute mark Stealth in this mode is just flawless. No, I don't mean its working fine, silly. I mean it's flawless because there's no flaws in having stealth. There's no way to counter stealth which in your eyes seem to be fine for normal games because of CD restrictions. Let's take that to URF where people are unable to be seen for 90% of the match. I mean that's just SOO fun having twitch shaco or evelynn or rengar come from nowhere and assblast me instantly with nothing I can do Speaking of assblasting. The crit bonuses? Amazin, getting a predator Quinn running from base to base faster than I can blink and poppying everyone who looks in her direction was the best thing I can think of for healthy game design. I could go on all day about this amazin mode you created Rito, 10 minute long games that are never fully fledged 5v5's because someone usually RQ's after realizing that they can't compete vs anybody on the enemy team Who wants Nexus Blitz, right? I mean a gamemode that was nearly as polished and balanced as the main game? Pfft no thanks.
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