My thoughts on quinn: The bads & the goods. My mini rework (what i would do)

High Elo Quinn & Valor Montage
''I'm like a bird from a cage; I'm free at last and soaring'' Begone foul color correction! Props if you got what the intro was about. This one was a lot of fun to make! Little sneak-peek at the end for my fans! And yes that was a lot of quinn jungle clips!
You (might) know me as the guy who made the fiora&teemo threads sharing my opinion, since i made a quinn montage and i played her quite a decent bunch i thought i'd give my opinion on her, the problems i felt and how i think she could be fixed. So here is my 'mini-rework'. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Quinn** **General** Range decreased to 500 from 525 **Passive - Harrier** Valor marks any nearby enemy (stealth, hiding in bushes or in the fog) revealing them to quinn and her team and making that target vulnerable to quinn. If quinn attacks a vulnerable target she pierces through all forms of block and ignores 20% of their armor Range increased to 600 On Target Cooldown reduced to to a static 7seconds Bonus changed to 15-175 (+65% Bonus AD) from 25 - 215 (+ 50% bonus AD) _NEW:_ Harrier penetrates through all forms of block (Dodge, Block) and ignores 20% of their armor. _NEW_: Harries has two phases: The first phase (3 seconds) gives quinn bonus damage on top of her current harrier damage. The second phase (4 seconds) gives quinn bonus movement speed when consumed. If the first mark is consumed the second mark appears insantly. _**Explanation**_: Reduction of earlygame power and makes Harrier more engaging then ''just hit the marked guy and be -amazed- at the bonus damage'' . The two-phase part gives quinn a way more engaging way to play her mini game and make it way more rewarding. When running away you are likely to hit the second part of the passive, not the first. When kiling an enemy you are more likely to hit the first which helps you in that way. Harrier revealing everything makes it just feel better in general. I mean valor is way up there and sees everything.. i guess valor revealing stealth doesnt make that much sense but it would feel pretty great as a counterpick to evelynn, twitch, rengar, akali and general stealth champions. **Q - Blinding Assault** Quinn commands valor to fly forwards in a line, coming back after reaching the end . Forward damage: 190 Coming back damage : 190 (60% bonus ad, 70% ap) Range increased to 1100 from 1025 Blind lowered to 1.0 from 1.5 _NEW_: If enemies are hit by valor on the way forward and back they are blinded for 1.0 seconds. Cooldown increased to 13/12/11/10/9 from 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 Explanation: Waveclear & makes it way more fun to use her q. Right now its just kind of boring really. **W - Heightened Senses** Reveals all enemies in an area. _NEW:_ Now holds up to two charges. Cooldown lowered to 45/40/35/30/25 from 50 / 45 / 40 / 35 / 30 Explanation: Kalista. Ashe. Nuff said **E - Vault** _NEW: _ Gains bonus attack speed after landing Explanation: Will make it more rewarding to use this ability. I mean you already put yourself at risk for using this offensively, so why not reward that more? **R - Tag Team** Quinn transforms into Valor for 30 seconds replacing quinn's abilities Duration increased from 20 to 30 Cooldown lowered to 120/90/60 from 140 / 110 / 80 Movement speed unchanged. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Valor** General: Valor has no mana-costs in this form **Q - Assault** Valor dashes to the enemy target - this refreshes on kill. Whenever valor uses this ability on an enemy champion it has a reduced cooldown. Cooldown: 4 seconds On enemy champion use: 1.5 Seconds Physical damage: Total AD Explanation: Great sticking power and makes it really fun to use. Like irelia q you will now have incentive to use it on low health minions, and have incentive to use it on champions. It will make you super mobile. That is what im trying to achieve with this valor **W - Scratch** Valor scratches all enemies in a cone in front of him dealing physical damage. This applies all on-hit effects on enemies hit. Cooldown: Explanation: Crazy builds might pop up (Hydra, Titanic) because of this one skill. Imagine getting Scratch off on 5 clumped up enemies with hydra. You can see the pain already. Great waveclear too to enable use of Assault, but the trade off is lower damage. **E - Blinding Wings** Valor dashes to target location blinding all enemies in that area for 1 second giving bonus armor penetration for 2 seconds after use. Cooldown: 11 Seconds **Explanation:** You can use this ability in two ways; escape or damage. It rewards you using it offensively giving you armor penetration. Its huge cooldown makes it not spam-able. **R - Skystrike** Quinn returns to perform Skystrike. Now has two parts. The first part calls down a hail of arrows from the sky slowing all enemies in the area. While this happens valor flies up in the sky making valor and quinn dissapear from the battlefield for 1.5 seconds. After 1.5 seconds of flying down quinn true damage to all enemies within range. 1% for every 1.5% of target's missing health. Minimum physical damage 50/100/150 (+40% bonus AD) There should be a line like pantheon's ultimate to telegraph where quinn&valor are. **Explanation**: Way more counterplay to this ability and now does a ton of damage if landed properly. Also gives a lot of utillity. ----------------------------------------------- So yeah thats it. That was a lot of writing but i hope it was worth it. Thoughts? Thanks
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