Solo Queue When?

Riot said they're going to bring back solo queue, and make it a true _solo_ queue with the removal of duos. When is that happening? Dynamic queue just does not interest me competitively. My individual rank should be a reflection of my individual gameplay, not my gameplay with multiple friends who may or may not be playing on smurfs. Or Riot could bring back ranked 5's queue... I used to look forward to playing this game. Now, it's a chore that I do because friends occasionally want to play with me. Taking the competition out of the game zapped the fun of it, for me, and completely killed my drive to keep playing. I really hope Riot brings back solo queue or at least ranked 5's queue, so I can enjoy playing this game again. Just wanted to get my voice out there on this matter because I fear solo queue won't be returning, which will lead me to quit this game I've dedicated so many hours to and I used to enjoy so much.
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