How The Rageblade and E Nerfs Will Effect Yi's Overall Damage(50% dps loss?)Math

Credits: Source Walker Reddit With the Yi changes Rito wants to do to our Wuju Bladesman I decided to once again look @ his numbers and see how this change will affect his damage to champions w/ the new rage blade nerf and E nerf. Math may not be perfect but paints a decent idea how these changes will effect our damage... Lets jump into it. I decided to use the worse case sanarios in terms of AD loss through the use of items like DD and steraks as 3rd/4th items as those are the only real AD that these items give along with on hit items. Estimations are a bit rough but should give a general idea of what these changes will do. I will be using a 2k hp target for these calculations as that is what Yi should face ~mid game. IF ANYONE SEES ANY MAJOR MISTAKES IN THESE NUMBERS SAY IN PM/COMMENTS AND I'LL TRY TO FIX :). ---------- E AD passive loss @lvls2/6/13/16: 7/8/9/11/11 AD at level 13 w/ br/rb/DD/steraks 115/140/222/285 AD w/o 10% modifier 104/129/209/259 E AD passive loss w/ items(br/rb/DD/steraks respectively)@13 0/4/21/26 E true damage w/ 10% modifier w/ items 6/15/46/63 E true damage damage w/o 10% 2/11/39/56 E damage w/o 10% AND lowered to 25% bonus 2/7.5/27.5/40 Bonus AD w/ items w/ 10% @13 16/41/123/186 Bonus AD w/ items w/o bonus @13 5/30/110/169 ---------- Credit to u/IXdyTedjZJAtyQrXcjww for doing the calc for when on hit effects proc making this WORLDS easier. Damage Over 12 autos(to calc for double strike interaction loss+phantom hit loss) @lvl13 w/ 2/3/4 items @2 items currently 140 AD w/ on a 2000 HP target 80 bloodrazer damage plus 15 magic damage plus X true damage from E. On hit effects over 12 autos proc a total of 22 times from what I can see from his SS 140x(12 basic+1.5 from double)+((80+15)x22)+(61x22) 1,890 phy +2,090 on hit+1,342 true = 5,322 pre resistances @3 items 222x13.5 + same on hit+ 96x22 2,997 phy + 2,090 on hit + 2,112 true = 7,353 pre resistances @4 items 285x13.5 + same on hit + 103x22 3,496.5 + 2,090 on hit + 2,266 true = 8,203.5 pre resistances 5,322/7,353/8,203 ---------- Damage after both E AND rage blade nerf On hit effects are lowered from 22 to 19 @2 items: 104x13.5+95x19+(40+(.25x41)=3,256.5 pre resistances @3 items: 4,697.25 pre resistances @4 items: 5,388 damage pre resistances ---------- ALL these changes to Master Yi and his interaction w/ rageblade effectively will lower his damage by the % shown below. 48.1553% difference/44.0779% difference/41.4245% difference
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