Do I have to play Bot lane to climb now?

Not to carry, but just to prevent the lane from fucking INTING. I'm on a 5 game loss streak in fucking SILVER elo where the games are thrown by bot lane in the first 5 minutes. Silver is still very much ELO HELL and getting new accounts through it is a nightmare. Losing LP for these auto-loss games is driving me insane. I don't even get to play. I am just assigned a loss. Riot, your low-ELO system needs a rework. You have separate things (free promo wins, decay, etc) at higher ranks, lets talk about fixing the matchmaking for the ELOS the MAJORITY of your players are in. It starts with taking this 1-20 botlane I played with, and AUTOMATICALLY sending them down an entire tier. What is the point of IRON if you let the animals escape and terrorize bronze/silver/gold????

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