Should We Return to Old Dragons?

Here's a situation. You're vs an early game team comp. Until later on you're not going to be able to apply as much pressure as them. Drag comes up and it's an infernal. They take it and there's not much you can realistically do about it. You get a good push in about 30 seconds before dragon spawns after getting a couple picks later into the game. Since they got infernal your team has been struggling but their Graves and their pretty fed Irelia got caught out and now you have priority over drag. The thing is... it's a cloud drake. Current randomized elemental dragons make the game less fair imo. They are not all of equal power and since it's random which dragon comes at which point into the game, it gives an advantage to whichever team has the upper hand at the time which could simply just be because they have an early game team comp. Your team could have realistically very little chance of securing the first drag of the game for your team, and it could be an infernal. That infernal could be the only one of the game so even if you manage to get priority over second dragon through hard work and skilled calls and plays, it could only reward you with a cloud drake. Back when dragons gave you a unique buff based on the number of dragons your team killed, evening the playing field was a more realistic goal, and I preferred it to the current system, even if it does make games more unique from each other and creates tension like battles for infernal. This is why I think that the old drake system should return to the game.
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