Healing reduction question

Apparently I was posting this in the wrong section so I´ll create a new post here. Anyway I can´t really find any specifics on this topic. Does anyone know wether reduction (-40%) works additive or multiplicative against healing increase?. For example if Aatrox ultimate provides 70% increased healing. So would it look something like this: 70% - 40% = 30% or this: 70% * 0.6 = 42% Alternatively the base (100%) could be part of the formula which means it would look like this: 100% + 70% - 40% = 130% or this: 100% + 70% * 0.6 = 102% I dont think the last one is how it works but I´d like to get some feedback. In general how does stacking healing increase work? Aatrox ultimate + {{item:3065}} = 100% increase? On an unrelated note is{{champion:33}} w reflect damage reduced by the active effect of {{item:3193}}?
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