Nocturne Buffs

Since I like to play {{champion:56}} I appreciate the efforts to make him viable. However I think these buffs don´t really address the issues he has. In my opinion he doesn´t lack damage at all but utility and survivabilty. A while ago you listed {{champion:56}} as a diver rather than an assassin. I don´t have any problems with that but atm he usually dives into the enemy Team does as much damage as possible and dies like a suicide bomber. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The flat passive bonuses from Duskbringer and Shroud of darkness implying to bould offtank but the high bonus ad scalings on the other hand.. The sustain part of Umbra blades is pretty much wasted when starting teamfigths because you are likely to enter with full hp and by the time the cd is ready again you or your opponents are most likely dead. Even with the cd buffs you have to wait at least 4-5 sec until you can use your passive again. Unspeakable Horror isn´t really a reliable source of cc. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- some suggestions which could fit thematically: **Umbra Blades: ** 1st autoattack (rigth blade), 2nd autoattack (left blade) -> just a visual gimmick because why not and I can imaging it´s not that repetitive like other autoattacks. 3rd autoattack (both blades) perform an aoe attack (120% ad) and healing for X% of missing hp + 1/2*X% for every surrounding enemies hit **Shroud of Darkness:** Upon activation Nocturne hides in the shadows, will be invulnerable to damage, becomes ghosted and fears enemies he passes through Nocturne can still cast abilities (i.e. duskbringer for movementspeed) however he won´t be able to damage enemies **Paranoia:** reduce cooldown a bit like 130/110/90 or something

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