Please consider Lissandra, somebody

Can we consider returning some power back to lissandra now that aftershock is nerfed. To be honest, i hate playing aftershock liss, but now that that her Q cooldown is destroyed, she is not fun, nor is she good... and now the whole reason of the nerf (aftershock) is nerfed. This post is just so i can hopefully get one person from riot to bring it up at some balancing team out there. Or maybe this can just get enough attention that people talk about it. For someone who knows what they are talking about, please look at these. I know Lissandra is not that popular of a champ, but it kills me that that Q nerf is still in play. Also, i personally think the Volibear lore of him taking her eyesight is lame. Its a damn polarbear. Her sacrificing her eyesight for the watchers is much cooler than your weird desire to make volibear have a connection to her. Annoys me whenever i see it in pre game loading screen. Damn bears..

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