"Nerfing Yi in ways that help those who don't know how to counter him"

So, apparently what that looks like is 3 buffs: One that gives 75% extra damage to his Q damage ~~and makes him able to instantly stack Conqueror~~ if you're away from a minion wave, (My bad. Luckily they didn't pull that bullshit.) One that makes his already too easy to use W even easier, And a third that makes his already immune to slows MS even faster. In exchange for a nerf that means less than it ever would have in the past because Yi's build has less AD than it ever has. So according to whoever writes the descriptions for the changes, between 7 - 26 AD was something people just didn't know how to counter, and removing that alone was justification enough for almost doubling his Q damage and adding 10%MS to his ultimate. Riiiight. Or better yet, Guinsoo's getting buffed early - mid in exchange for making it actually function fairly with his passive. And we'll just completely ignore the fact he's had a stable performance at higher levels of play for quite some time, despite their case that only people who don't know how to play against him lose to him. It's almost like he's a champion that's incredibly easy to master and so _shouldn't_ see win rates of 52%+ in high levels of play. It's so, so odd that the balance team will sometimes buff a champion's Q because their E is being focused-- and admit no fault when they end up having to nerf the actual problem--, but they'll also overcompensate fair nerfs with huge buffs. Sometimes it feels like the balance team gives the reigns to completely new employees.
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