What the fuck is sanguine blade????

Honnestly I'm baffled, assassin item with attack speed and lifesteal? Is riot even aware of how their game works? you think that assassins are autoattack based champions? who exactly is going to use sanguine blade? {{champion:238}} no {{champion:121}} no {{champion:91}} NO they all need 40% cdr, who in their sane mind is going to build this trash item requiering you to splitpush against bruisers, do you think that this is 2013 league where zed builds blade of the ruined king and 1v1 bruisers? This can''t be real It's like trying to create a teamfight item to help immobile melees and be like "hey guys, here is an item for you giving 400 hp 50 ad, and 25% crit + 50% attack speed when you're fighting 3 enemies" IT CANNOT WORK LIKE THAT all you're achieving is releasing an item encouraging a toxic playstyle for {{champion:2}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}} in 2019, not 2012 or 2013 ù^$*ing 2019
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