BARD AND Ohmwrecker

bard ult lasts for 2.5 seconds, and ohmwrecker an item that is so under valued can stun turrets for 3 seconds, in total you can stun a turret for up to 5.5 seconds making it plenty of time to dive your opponent, and since bard has great roaming potential, he can dive opponents without the need of his ult, and just purely just the item, it gives so many awesome stats, 50 armor, 10% CDR 300 hp, and 150% base health regen, you get tanky stats, and get an item that is really usefull mid game, late game not so much since tanks take 0 damage from turrets and ADC nowadays.. but still this item has such great potential and im gonna start using it when i play zac in the jungle, zac's diving potential is so insane,and adding the fact that you can disable the turret adds more to his diving potential to turn out as a success.
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