Is Tahm catching a nerf anytime soon?

I was jungle vi and I built almost everything you would need to deal with a high health/high armor stacking champ except Black cleaver and I could not 1v1 tahm jungle. If I got him low he just popped shield and it was like I was fighting him all over again. I get that he's supposed to be tanky but if I am sated, have botrk, lord domonick's and spirit visage I should win the exchange correct? He won every time. I get him low he swallows me and spits me out then he pops shield and it's like I never attacked him in the 1st place. Perhaps I didn't build right please take a look at my match history and see if I built wrong because I don't understand how I could have lost I even had red smite. Except for one item that is more tank oriented than damage he didn't build any damage items. I don't get it.

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