The sharp spike in getting autofilled JG should be a wakeup call to Riot

You just gutted a role that already wasn't popular. By now, I get the impression that even support is a more played role than JG. There was no reason to continuously nerf JG. Monster Hunter debuff for junglers was already enough to prevent gold funneling, there was no reason to gut camp exp and respawn time. Doing so to force junglers to appear in lane more often is actually harmful, because: -Invades are much more impactful and difficult to recover from (How are you going to make up for that gold and EXP, especially with Monster Hunter?) -If you're behind, it's harder to employ the strategy of "Just farm and let the team carry" because your camp respawn time will never be fast enough, nor will your camps be worth enough for you to catch up -Some junglers may try to mooch exp or some farm off of their laners when behind, which just pisses the laner off and sets them both back -You just reduced the viable, meta champion pool for junglers, for a role that already has a small meta champion pool JG was already tough enough before, and got so much blame when games went wrong. Please, buff the role or revert some changes.
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