I thought conqueror was there to deal with tanks?

you put conqueror especially for bruisers to deal with tanks , and now you literally said in the patch notes Go wild ap champs? AS if the mages items aren't strong enough and the fact that a mage can destroy bruisers and tanks as well as adcs ? heck even assassins sometimes, it's true that it was lame that you can stack conq on minions and have advantage over others but now i feel like spammy champions are transcending to the next level of screw the skill i'mma smash some keys and feel good about it ? , even champions that require good skill rotation (*cough* jayce *cough*) you can outburst most champion through most of the game phases even if you miss the EQ combo , ryze and cass are too strong too , sylas went from 46 to oover 50 ; riven ? let's not even talk about it ... rito pls
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