Wish LoL would get rid of the Cheat Bots,. They can but they don't

As a programmer, I have watched these Cheat bots for years. They are easily identified, which, as a programmer, makes them easy to get rid of. League of Legends fails to get this done, and they have permitted this form of CHEATING for many years. As players, we need to complain til the cows come home, or stop playing since this COULD get fixed easily enough, but will never get fixed, due to a total FAILURE of LoL thinking. I enjoy playing their game, but cannot bring myself to recommend it to ANYONE due to the clear FAILURE by LoL to control the cheaters. So, League of Legends - the Truth is known, and has been for many years. How many players have you never had due to not getting good public reviews, just because you allow these CHEATERS in the game? Note that, instead of playing the game right now, I am instead wasting my time BITCHING about something you COULD HAVE FIXED many years back. By posting mupltip0le times, and will be multiple days, multiple channels, and multiple Social Media sites AGAINST YOUR GAME, you continue to LOSE due to your own FAILURES. How much have you lost? Millions of dollars already, and millions more on the way to being lost. Now, out to Facebook, and other sites to trash you fully. League of Legends is WAY LATE in fixing the CHEATER problem.
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