Still no word on Vayne nerfs?

I honestly don't like to post on the boards much nowadays as I don't really feel like Riot really takes the feedback anymore, but after these past 2 months of playing League I am sick of this champion Jesus. I'm a Rakan main so my number one ban is always Morgana, and unfortunately that leaves me open to Vayne 24/7. Vayne has 2 famous attributes: 1. She's a late game carry 2. She has a very high skill floor and new players won't do well on her. Then please Riot tell me why she has a 52% win rate with a pick rate of 25.7%? She is the 2nd most picked adc in the game and she still finds someway to keep her win rate at 52%? This should be obvious to Riot that the so-called skill floor has been removed most likely because of her q r buffs allowing anyone to faceroll the q button in ult mode and be able to outplay any team below platinum. Even moreso her win rate at 20 minutes is 50 percent. If she is such a late game carry why is her weakest point in the game (The laning and mid game) have such a high win rate? The answer is her ult buff has turned her into an early game champion as well as a late game hypercarry. Her level 6 basically powerspikes her just as hard as a Zed now. Her old ult might be used, but one q misplace would cause her to die regardless most of the time, but this whole 1 second cooldown q thing makes her carefree and allows her to steamroll any bot lane 2v2, 1v2 or even 2v3s from what I've seen. Riven is busted, Yasuo is busted, but for the love of God I implore you to just fix Vayne first. This is getting absurd

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