My proposal to fix Zed so he isn't the toxic mess he is these days

Zed, Zed, Zed; permabanned; hated by so many people; and just no fun to lane against. To me, to the two major sources of contention for him, is his relative safety when he "goes ham" in a fight, and the fact he is very oppressive to lane against; basically hes a melee champion that completely zones out ranged champions because of a suite of abilities that give him a ton of range; its like they only made him melee to give him the AD super scaling items like {{item:3072}} and {{item:3142}}. At the end of the day, these are the two major reasons hes hated. My proposal would not touch his damage numbers, he is an assassin so his damage should be high enough in the short term so he can destroy squishy targets. ~ 1st up, His ult **Deathmark** would have it's teleport mechanic removed. The reason for this is it allows Zed to teleport away to safety after "going ham" to kill another player and gives no counterplay for the enemy to fight back, kill zed, and even the scales. It forces the enemy on the defensive from the get go because Zed can easily disengage if the situation turns against him. Now his Deathmark isn't a **"I win"** button, Zed has to be careful when to use it and consider all the possibilities (like a real ninja). The second change would be to address his oppressiveness in lane, allowing him to zone out the enemy with absurd ease while safely far away. His E **Living Shadow** would have it's maximum cast range greatly reduced from 700 units to 500 units (about the cast of a rank 1 {{champion:6}} ult). This change would make him have to aim his skills more carefully, as his initial cast range from his shadow be much shorter. ~ With these changes {{champion:238}} will have a higher skillcap but will also be less of a royal pain to lane against, maybe he can finally be rid of his permaban status finally (like {{champion:38}} was for so long).
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