Jungle in season 9.

It is actually more worth while to play a jungler that ganks level 2 after redbuff and then ganks again, and again and again and again and again than play a jungler who needs to power farm to 6 to not be a complete liability on the entire team. Why? ##Because jungle exp is just fucking absurdly low. junglers are BY FAR much better off leeching exp from the lanes instead of powerfarming the jungle because lanes bring a fuckton more exp than the jungle. So, just take exp from the lane and woop.... you're 2 levels over the jungler that has had trouble being relevant before 6. What riot did was try to nerf early ganks with all the nerfs, but what they don't understand is that they did the exact opposite. it is more CRUCIAL THAN EVER to get that level 2 cheese gank and follow up on it with the 2 scuttlers because otherwise you fall off so fast you might as well afk at the fountain because you are going to be 2 levels below everyone the entire rest of the game. And then you ask yourself why no one wants to play jungle any more.
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