How on earth do you stay calm when your bot lane feeds like it's a buffet?

Literally every fucking match has my bot lane feeding like a frenzy. ADCs who lose lane and continue to make obvious mistakes even outside the laning phase which the opponent team obviously doesn't make, evident by how far ahead they are. Don't tell me to get better. No, I have been doing well since I got a better network but it's fucking terrible when your bot lane going 1/7 or 2/8 at the end of the game while the opponent team's ADC runs all over the map with a support duo leaving you with little option but to give up your turrets in the name of -playing safe. Literally no role feeds as much as the bottom lane does. Apart from the uneven jungle pressure which exists these days, the bot lane is literally what hands out free wins unashamedly, and most ADC mains have literally no clue on how the game works even outside the laning phase. Forget chances of them coming back.

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