We fix top lane...

By not fixing it. **Fix Jungle instead, Riot!** Top lane is and has always been THE grueling lane where in reality people pick champions that can survive it. It's often the easiest lane to gank, depending on the champion. Despite that, people can still choose from a plethora of champions that can withstand this daunting challenge of a lane. The jungle, on the other hand, is so easy yet actually impossible: 1.) Fight NPC's alone. 2.) Die once against the enemy jungler, get a buff stolen from you or give buffs to an enemy carry in a bad gank. 3.) Lose the game for the entire team. This cycle needs to be watered down a bit. It's simply ridiculous how easy it is to throw games as a jungler that it is to the point where people want to play BOTLANE, and SUPPORT - the premiere feed roles (sorry; it's true!) - actually ten times more in solo queue. Turns out that no one likes getting spotted by a ward and then feeling like they have lost complete control over the outcome of a game as they watch the enemy jungler snowball to oblivion! Top lane may feel like an island, but it's the jungle that lights the fuse for lost games in this cut-throat meta. Cut them some slack, guys! Give junglers extra gold/exp from camps when behind so they can possibly catch up; as a trade-off, don't give junglers quite as much exp when they get kills themselves, at least early on! On top of that, buffs shouldn't last for MINUTES when transferred at level 3! i get that snowballing is here to stay, but making the jungle role less do-or-die in this already snowballing meta will simply aid the game's health tremendously.
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